I study at a university.

I'm a fan of Tatoeba.

My father asked me if I got along well with the Jones family.

The drinks are half price until six.

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That's Anita's signature.


What he said is not true.

I never ever disagree with Nicholas.

Sam should've given Byron flowers or something on Valentine's Day.

Great Britain has voted to leave the European Union.

I cannot but feel anxious about the health of these women workers.

I want to hear everything.

The girl coming in at the door now is always late.

The new supervisor? He's not very original - pretty much like the rest.

I am not equal to it.


Everyone has already left.

Do you have a problem with me?

Can he have said such a thing?


The lights went out just now.

We want a solution.

Has he read this article?

It'll be hilarious.

Can you please just give Kathryn whatever he wants?

Cathy, please stay out of my way for a while.

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.

She pays Clayton well.

Please look at the girl who wore the blue clothes.


She isn't here now.


Did Marika show you how to milk cows?


Franklin arrived in the United States in 1968. He could not speak English and had only fifty dollars in his pocket.

Trey could see that Evelyn was about to break down and cry.

It would have been nice if you had helped me a little.

Nou could be dead by now.

You know that your English is good when people stop complimenting you on how good your English is.

You texted me, didn't you?

I'd like you to meet my brother, Jacobson.

Too much drinking will make your life a ruin.

I don't find it that interesting.

Let us help you deal with it.

He's the bomb.


My father is at home.

Lindsay filled out the paperwork.

We had our backs to the wall.


Mayo will help whoever asks him to help.

This is no time to be stubborn.

Is it a joke?

Were you really that worried about me?

Laura wanted to switch her gender with Erick's, but Louie wanted hirs to remain neutral.

Hydropower is a renewable resource, but oil, coal and natural gas are not.

There's always more to learn.

We help the news to be true.

I wrote the composition in haste, so it must be full of mistakes.


Don't you have a sense of justice?

I won't be able to attend the conference.

Carisa Jackson was one of the names I recognized on that list.


Look at that tower standing on the hill.

We were climbing up the steep mountain.

That was Dimetry's biggest mistake.

Reid was convicted in 2013.

It took me three days to clean the room.

She has perfected the art of handling difficult customers.

I don't wear glasses anymore.

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I don't cook.

Reid is talented, isn't he?

I just need my own space.


In 1983 Chandra was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on the physical processes involved in the structure and evolution of stars.

Most students don't have a lot of money.

This makes me sick.

I have arranged for Bill to meet Ann tomorrow.

Michel's kids have got lots more toys than he had when he was young.

We haven't seen him anywhere.

I bought a dozen apples.

That's not reasonable.

A teacher should never laugh about a pupil who has made a mistake.

I've misplaced my glasses, but I need them in order to look for them.

He is justly proud of his son.

Why do you need that?

I can't prune this tree. It's too tall.

He has the second animal.

You can use my dictionary.

We have more than enough time to spare.

I wouldn't want to disappoint you.

Are you sure, Keith?

I put Barbara on the list.

"Whose books are these?" "They are Alice's."

Everyone says the food in this restaurant is both delicious and inexpensive.

I enjoy the challenge.

Jim didn't really feel like going skating.

To our disappointment, our team lost the game.

Have you ever heard her sing on stage?

Deb is learning to dance the tango.

I'm used to these things.

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Denis and I'll be here all week.

I could look into the matter.

It was less than one kilometer to the village post office.


I'll tear a page out from that book.

Our trip to Africa turned out to be a disaster.

We will include public interest material and several trials where our users will have access to and be able to enrich or experiment with all the variety of products we offer.


Has this ever happened before?

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I thought I told you to go home.


Manjeri used to drink a lot before he met Radek.

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I need a police car.

Is now a good time to talk?

His unusual behavior aroused our suspicion.

I bet you didn't drink it.

Benjamin is our hero.

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John is sure to succeed his father in the company.

Stiff upper lip!

I have a chill.


This isn't about money.


I know a guy in Boston.

If men are wolves then women are devils.

He is poor, but honest.

You can tell her.

My cousin, who is a lawyer, is in France at present.

Connectivity can be rated by ease, cost, time, distance, or capacity. What about scenery? That's a cost factor. It may be positive or negative.

We have arrived.


The maid hasn't made up the room yet.

They are both good students.

I'd like to go around the world on a boat.

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When was the last time you saw Kyle wear a tie?

It took me more than a month to get over my cold.

Some people say that the Japanese are a race apart.

Kit told me he was going to Boston.

He caught the cord.

Doom has been ported to a calculator.

Horses are ungulates.

Kikki doesn't wear makeup at all.

I love working with kids.

We have to tell her about this.

The water was too hot yesterday.

It is no good to you.

Alberto hasn't helped the poor.


Naim likes hunting.

It looks as though this summer will be cold again.

Marcel had no idea what to do.

My mother is out.

If I had taken that plane, I would be dead now.


That's powdered medicine.

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I don't know how much the ticket costs.


This book has undergone several translations.

Would you step aside?

Gregory didn't want to sit next to Isabelle.

I just had a nightmare.

Who's your favorite heavy metal guitarist?

There are more than 4,000 languages in the world.

I'm not worried about Trying. I'm worried about Hirofumi.


I didn't see that one coming!

They all are waiting in the parking lot.

They sold everything at extremely high prices.

I honestly didn't know Geoffrey would be here.

This is just too big for one person to carry.

She will need a car next week.

I don't want us to look foolish.


I'm using a private teacher.

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We've got a long climb ahead of us.

You know this isn't where I want to be.

I only know him by name.

Andrea is the cutest boy in our class.

You shouldn't eat so much red meat.

Is this a new photo?

Could you help me write a letter in French?

I didn't even have a chance to talk to Luis.

How was I supposed to know?

I hate guys like that.

Ti brought Spencer along.


Do you want to get a pizza?


How did Pontus know that Petr would be here?